Scheduled Speakers{in random order}

There will be scheduled lightning talks in the morning. And scheduled breakout sessions in the afternoon. The time and location of unscheduled sessions will be finalized the day of the conference.


Why should you come?

WalletUncon is a one day unconference on blockchain wallets, standards, usability, and more.

Are you actively working on designing or improving a Wallet in the web3 space? Then this is your chance to put forward a problem, a solution, or a collaboration proposal that you've been thinking about for a while, or even just an idea you've been thinking about that could have a massive impact to the web3 ecosystem.

Who’ll be there?

Our collaborative event includes web3 enthusiasts, infrastructure heads, producty creatives, and wallet-focused builders, all of whom can bring their respective insights to any collaborative conversation about user design, security, and/or ergonomics.

Who should come?

All DevConnnect attendees are welcome-- Wallet implementers, DApp and smart contract implementers or EIP/CAIP enthusiasts-- as long as you commit to sharing ideas respectively and productively (DevCon's code of conduct applies!).

What is an unconference?

Don't expect a conference — expect an unconference! We'll give you a primer the morning of, but encourage you to familiarize yourself with the format1. We've prepared a primer.

The goal is for everyone to participate, and for all of us to walk away with next steps. Lightning talks to focus us in the morning and Fishbowl style workshops & discussions in the afternoon to go deep.

If you're running a workshop session you won't need to prepare a traditional presentation and lecture for 30 minutes. Just bring a topic with some good questions or opinions and we'll help get the right people in the room.

  1. A history of the unconference format:

Organizing Team

This event was made possible by the efforts and contributions of (in random order):